smoking, tobacco, gutkha  are the main causes of cancers,. i want to share my opinions with you also on the occasion of this auspicious day . i was also the chain smoker of cigarette  more than 25 years, so now i  calculated cost of 1 packet was Rs 10 /day so 30 days =300/month in a year 3600.00 25 years = approximate  1 lac rupees . now i cigarette takes 5 minutes so one packet 1 hour /day so 30 days 30 hours in a year  360 hours means 1- 1/2 days and in 25 years  40 days wasted so in all aspect loss of 1 lac and 40days and health, wealth, social, moral losses were more. secondly suffered by heart diseases and  was unable to walk fast. i given up15 years before  since then i am fit and feeling well. THERE IS ONE PROVERB ABOUT SMOKING. IF YOU SMOKE SO THERE ARE 3 ADVANTAGES OF SMOKING  THERE WILL BE NO STEALTH IN YOUR HOUSE DUE TO WHOLE NIGHT COUGH, SECOND DOGS WILL NOT BITE DUE TO GENERAL DEBILTY YOU WILL CARRY STICK AND THIRD YOU WILL BE NOT OLD BECAUSE IN YOUTH YOU WILL BE DIE AND 4 TH FOR FEMALES THEY WILL COOPERATE IN BIRTH CONTROL BECAUSE FEMALES WILL NOT CONCEIVE .quitting the  smoking wants will power. firm determination and desires. it cannot be due to force. like wise tobacco and gutkhas are also harmful. keep your mouth always neat and clean. ant non healing ulcer is there so take the advice with your doctors. PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.I WISH THAT TO LEAVE BAD HABITS FOR OTHERS. YOU HAVE USED MORE AND MORE AND LEAVE FOR OTHERS.ONCE YOU ARE INFECTED BY THIS INCURABLE DISEASE  DEATH IS THE ONLY TREATMENT.