if the indiscipline is  any  where that means the downfall is there. every strong when he falls well known by all . poor are creeping and no body bothers.it is the beginning of the downfall  of the strong.all are strongest in the party. when all are strongest , nothing to worry. they will fight and there will be no need of any out siders. BJP is following the true lines of downfall. if it will be continue so no chances in future to rule the country. when all are fighters so who will save them. all leaders have earned money and all powerful in their regions so all are kings. and the chieftain of the party is also treated himself a king. no body wants to sit in front the seniors. all are interested to sit on the main chair. seat is one and claimants are more so the disputes will be there automatically.all are clever and powerful so they are residing in their caves safely.all are richest and strongest so party is secondary for them. we are watching the downfall of the party.