according to Jainism there are 4 Kashayas. KRODHA, MAAN, MAYA LOBHA. to conqueror the KRODHA anger by forgiveness, forgiveness must be perfect. means in mind, words and in action.there must be unified. there are several examples /ways by which we can conquer  the anger.there are two factors  response and stimuli . it is a way of you are giving stimuli and other is giving response,.
 kshama is the best treatment of krodha.पीडें दुष्ट अनेक , बांध मार बहुविधि करें ,
 धरिये क्षमा विवेक , कोप न कीजे पीत्मा.
 उत्तम क्षमा गहो रे भाई, एह भाव  जस पर भव सुखदाई
गाली सुन मन खेद न आनो , गुण को औगुन कहे अयानो/
कहि हे अयानो वास्तु छीने , बांध मार बहुविधि करें
घर से निकारे तन विदारें , बैर जो न तहां धरें /
तैं कर्म पूरव किये खोटें , सहें क्यों नहीं जीयरा
अति क्रोध अग्नि बुझाय प्राणी साम्य -जल ले सीयरा /how beautifully poet illustrated the way to win anger. anger is a natural instinct,. and we have to win the anger by forgiveness,in anger state we should be alert and in sense also do not loose the sense and mind.  perfect forgiveness is the nectar of present and future life. do not be sad if some is saying bad words. or scolding.or you are knowledgeable and some is saying that you are fool,if some one is snatching your things, and if he holds and beats or torture you in several ways, if he quits to your home and torturing you  so maintain peace , do not treat him as a enemy. as you sow shall you reap. so in your past life you did some thins wrong so you are facing these anomalies and  if you are in deep anger so the forgiveness is the best treatment of anger. it indicates that at any cast do not loose your patience and  forgiveness. we see the earth  MHOOMI, PRATHVI we are torturing how much but she is bearing all atrocities and  giving us shelter, so love is the key of success. silence and smile are also the way to win the anger.