good to write and in preaching and saying. if you have a two wheeler,, one wheel of scooter and other of tractor. wife means in some cases WITHOUT INFORMATION FIGHTING EVERY TIME. these are applicable to all are good or best . but where  all rules are against so what will be future of your life. we are facing such situations daily. you can not please to every one. these are nothing some are sadist, some have comparison, sone have dissatisfaction. some have preachings are the sin. advises are against the nature. जो तुम को पसन्द वही बाते कहेंगे हम, तुम दिन को यदि रात कहो हम रात कहेंगे हम.
in my opinion do not become egoistic, to respect the opinions of others. and silence and smile are the boon. but in my opinion females /wife is some times is a good friend and worst enemy.there is no limit of satisfaction. after some times when you are physically weak so they ignore and always says what you have done for me. why i married with you so i used to say that if you were not there i will be bachelor. very interesting example. one renowned teacher’s wife was against his nature . she used to fight with him in any issue. one day after taking his meal teacher was going to his job so she thrown muddy and dirty water on him. so TEACHER SMILED AND SAID  EVERY DAY YOU WERE THUNDERING ,TODAY  YOU RAINED AND WENT . chanayak said if you have given money to other, desires of meals , young daughter is widow and death of the wife in old age and cruel wife are there so you are living in hell . THERE MUST TO RESPECT TO EACH OTHER. but now a days insul is more prevalent. i am not saying any thing wrong and  not wanted to hurt any one nor they are my sufferings/ experiences but what i have seen and meeting with friends . this is not uniform rules and not applicable to all. but  on some cases husbands are also wrong and they follow the rules of TULSIDAS JI ढोर गवांर क्षूद्र पशु नारी , ये सब हैं तारण के अधिकारी. if you want to pass happy life it requires respect, mutual understanding and sympathy to each one.