in true sense AAMIR KHAN is playing a vital roles for the eradication’s of some common problems/ issue those were over sighted or there are no platform to raise the issues. being a perfect actor and sensitive human being. he is raising the issues after devoting much more time and in planned way. during each episode he puts first sufferers, second legal aspects, remedies and how to eradicated the issue with awakening of the people.we know that all issues are very  sensitive and requires concentration.he is a man of great will power. he exposed the malpractices of the doctors. although their practices are wrong and in human  but the truth is always bitter. do honestly for the welfare of the society. if one is improved so the achievement of life fulfilled. he is a man of courage. he has a team of all experts and he is taking the confidences of related personalities.he is fighting bravely for social causes and injustice. although path is like a sword path, it requires balances. but he is producing/ presenting honestly and beautifully with heart touching manners. we are still hopeful that the coming episodes will be also informative and related to our problems.oppositions are necessary for the success. but must be base ful and evidential.