every nation is  became nation after they born  but our country Bharat is created by several hundreds  gods in every form and every where. our nation’s dust is respectable every where. we are the creatures of many gods. gods are the strongest persons  of the universe. we Indians are also known as godly persons. wall marts and others are made by men and we are creatures of god. so my humble request to them do not waste time, money energy and food for improvements of our lives styles. the corruptions are running in our  country like water, air, earth, space, fire and blood. it is the essential needs of us. if we will not get we will die. it is known as LAA AND ORDER , GIVE AND TAKE. IT IS KNOWN AS SUVIDHA SHULKA. in our country in govt and local bodies govts the employees are getting salary for service and for work they want money. we are getting PRIVY PURSE AND PENSIONS. in services privy purse are there and after retirement getting pensions, family pensions. so do not waste time here. and earn and enjoy. anna and ramdeo and others are sufficient in our country.