ONE POST  HUNDRED IN WAITING. history repeats it self.every body is anxious but who is the claimant  is is a matter of great concerned . no party is disclosing their candidatures. but it shows the narrow mentality of politicians.all are dirty faced  they have no moral, character, all are selfish and opportunist. it is an alarming sign of the politics.still we are in safety zones. no blood shed occur in our country. there is a peaceful process of transfer of power. but the ugly faces of politicians are bad and how we expect from them that they will teach us morality, character, nationality. all are self centered and narrow minded. all are playing diplomacy. no body have trust on others. there is no team work, there is no respect to each other, there are amany differences among in the same party. all are corrupt. all are facing corruption charges, some one has power so misusing his /her power. all are showing double faced and double games. how we will keep faith on them. but we have no options and all same bloody faces are there. oppositions are fighting like dogs and ruling party is sucking the blood in the form of money and for the post, for the power, for the might . at present the nature and characters are shameful of all politicians. they are showing discipline apparently and for others and they are the real rule breakers.  messages to the society is very poor. at present do not talk about morality, character and religion, ethics, who are following . none god will save us.