it is very simple according to ayurveda that if some thing/elements/ dosha, dhatu. mal rakta  are low or high is a disease and to bring them in normalcy is a treatment. what we eat/ drink/ take it converts in to energy. energy has 3 roles constructive, destructive and restorative. now like wise there are three things we do in general  those are the causes of diseases. HEEN YOGA (LESS ACTIVITY) ATIYOGA (EXECESSIVE ) AND MITHYA (PSEUDO)  so the principles of the treatments are different but causes are the same. like wise at present ayurveda, homeopathy, unani, allopathy, sidha are the recognized therapy  but also sympathy and empathy  the also the best pathy. according to ayurveda every thing of the cosmos are medicines, my words are acting as a medicine for any one.transformation of the energy in good direction gives happiness.