our governments are double faced. central govt, state govts and local bodies govt are committing to save the animals and on other side they are exporting meat, leather and  establishing butcher houses.we and our organizations are opposing these issues but we are unheard. to construct cow memorials or shelter houses are meaning less if we will not ban the export of meats and leather and slaughter houses. they are two different poles like war and peace, violence and nonviolence. it is also noteworthy that all  or maximum ministers, officials and capitalists are non vegetarians.one side we are requesting to them and they are the eaters and all are policy makers how we can expect from them. we want ground level decision on the ban of  export of meat.these are the satisfactory decisions but in ground they are all futile.Mind it if this will not stopped by our govts so their future will be in dark.govts do not think that we are weak, if vegetarian movement will be like anti corruption movement and govts will think over the matters.it is the time to take decision within time.