the politics is a business and politicians are the honest public and social  servants/workers. it is decided that who will be the ruler of the party so the related persons will be benefited by the politicians. CM, ministers, officials and politicians are the true honest personalities of the nation. they are in true sense helpless. they want to serve the people, public, citizens involuntarily.they are poor and helpless. MR JHA told very simply that the politicians are not banned  for this time the business comes to their door steps and knocks them to do the business.due their god fathers they are getting business and their god father’s worship   they are flourished. we know the banyan tree  is born by a small seed so if they were teacher, farmers, simple business man and the ruling party is doing as a fertilizer for them so they are flourished and now they are like banyan tree  and sucked the money from all corners and  now they are fruitful to all. it is a PUNYA PARVA auspicious occasions for the related persons of the politicians. time is the biggest teacher and fruitful to all .so they have earned huge sums are not crime. whether they have paid the taxes and the sources of incomes are genuine. they are tension less because their god fathers are also the partner of their establishments. nothing to worry. PAANI KA DHAN PANI ME, NAAK KATEE BAIEMANI ME.