in true sense that B J P president and the other coalition political parties are unable to select or elect new PM. THERE is no surety of the future. who will survive or will select or elect. god knows. it is the matter of that time when all will win and then according to the majority which one will be chosen by  the elected members. this  is a wrong prediction of any one. to day is 2012 and next election will be held on 2014. there is no surety of tomorrow so how can say after the two years. we are hopeful. but we must be positive and must be well wishers of all. nothing is impossible. but there should not be dispute. at present if no party will not be united so the future will in the dark.we know all are strong but if they are weak in the public so no body will be try to dissolve the major issues and must be in disciplined way. we hope all will enjoy for the people and serve for the people.