it is true that AAMIR has done advertisement of coca cola. it was previously published/advertised.but now he exposed the naked truth of pesticides , they are poison and harmful for the health. it is used in vegetables,grains, water, foods, meals, milk and even in air they are mixed in the all materials.they are most powerful poisons of our bodies. their effects remain in the soil . water years to gather. it is not easy to neutralize them. we are taking wanted or unwanted. it is a crime but due to aggressive marketing they are the winners. they have political, officials support directly and indirectly. it is a matter of great surprise that mostly pesticides are banned in USA and in other countries and we are using like left over. USA has banned many medicines, chemicals but we are using freely under the pressure of those companies. we are entertain g them freely and using is a matter of great concerned for our country but we are silent on these issues. AAmir has raised the issue freely, openly and based on researches ,GOI and state govts must consider the gravity of the matter and take actions properly.