very informative article. there is a life. life is composed of body, mind, soul and five senses. there are two seats of diseases mind and body .every thing of the cosmos are made by 5 MAHA BHOOTS – EARTH, WATER, ETHER, FIRE AND SPACE.every element is made of 5 maha bhoots. if some bhoot is predominant  in each earth contains 5  bhoots but earth is prime so it gives hardness,likewise every thing is posses 5 elements. these effect on our mind and body. some elements are less or high creates diseases and  to become normal is a treatment.
HOMA/AGNIHOTRA has power so purify the impurities of the atmosphere and the mind and body. during the chanting the matras and homa make purified atmosphere.during the course of the performing the home we added ourselves with the mantras and the fumes of the dry ingredients., ghee, havan samagri gives us peace and the mental attitudes develops,our will power and  some spiritual forces act on is a oldest way of our culture. we have faith on is treatment of body and mind,all elements help us.