P M is boasting to remove the poverty. one story i want to say during the 14 years of exile of RAM, SEETA AND LAXMAN. they reached to panchwati. the beauty of the panchwati was pleasant to SEETA so SEETA requested to  Rama to construct the PARN KUTIR so RAM ordered to Laxman to prepare the hut for us. so laxman want to near about village and said to the villagers and introduced about them and requested them to come tomorrow and prepare  the hut. next day all three are waiting for the construction of hut.no body turned up and  RAMA SCOLDED TO LAXMAN for inefficient duties. so after noon laxman went to the village with enraged . that time villagers were  sleeping and eating and entertaining. laxman asked why you were not come for the preparation of the hut so they say RAM JI KI KRIPA SE HUM LOGON KE PAAS SAB KUCHHA HAIN. ( BY MERCY OF RAMA WE HAVE PLENTY OF FOODS AND MONEY) THEN LAXMAN told to ram please keep 50% hunger and 50% rich.
so like wise poverty can not be eradicated by any one. if that will eradicate so the sources of income of the ministers,officials, traders will be finished. this is nothing only the mouth ejaculations of PM. is there ant magic stick to remove the poverty. PM and politicians are sucking the blood of poor and citizen. their sources of income are so wide that no body can find out. all are entertain g on the cast of poor and middle men.there is only lip sympathies and it is a best sources of corruption. there is only a game of data s manipulations.all are be fooling us. they are residing in  AC and thinking about the poverty and grass root issues. they have no sympathies with the people, they are all corrupts and preaching us the lessons of moral, honesty. here in MP the followers of ministers and CM are the richest  men and CM IS preaching/advocating the honesty, bloody they are all cheaters and playing fowl games with the citizens.every day they are earning huge sums with illegal sources and teaching us to remain honest, dutiful. they are double faced and double tongued personalities of the nation.they are ready to sale the country on their interest .economical imbalances are needed in developing country. so it is not a new things . yes PM can eradicate the poor from our country so poverty will be automatically removed.enjoy PM and we are living with dying situations.