there are two seats of diseases mind and body. both are reciprocally dependent and independent.if body is ill effects on the mind and if mind is ill it effects on the body. first we want to know what is health. according to WHO the health is a state in which who mentally, physically, socially, spiritually . well being ness.according to Ayurveda  MAN DOSHAH SAMAGNI SAM DHATU MALAH KRIYAH, PRASSENATMANEMANAH , SWASTHITAYABHEEYTE . IT means the doshas, dhatus and malas are in normal  and balanced   state is not sufficient   . along with the happiness in soul, mind will be known as healthy state. what is the disease and treatment. ROGASTU DOSH VAISHYAM , DOSHA SAAMYAM  AROGYTA.if any things means doshas are in low or high states are known as disease and to bring them in normal state is a treatment.
depression is also two type hyper active or low active. so these are the diseased states and to bring in normal is a treatment.
now treatment is two types medicinal and counseling. medicines are  several types  and counseling are  many types.we must find out the causes of the diseased and try to remove or minimize them. article is effective and praiseworthy.