ref – the news published in DB STAR dated 28th June 2012
it is a matter of great surprise that the guides are misguided. those are teaching us rules and regulations, are violating the rules. secondly it is a great surprisingly matter that  one sided GOVT OF MP is advocating the cow protection acts and other side  the tender of N kumar associates tendering the rates of NON VEGES,DIETS Rs 95/ o k . it is giving the message  to eat non veges in the training center. it is right or wrong but being vegetarians we are not ready to eat the meals in the is the place of learning .not the  the place of side state  govt is banning the non veges and other side propagating the non veges in govt is not acceptable by us. we oppose this process of  non veges.WE have several varieties of vegetarians and non veges are prepared in the same  kitchen and in same should be stopped with immediate effects.if not  so we will start movements against the non veges in academy.
in this regard is talked to SHRI RAKESH AGRAWAL director of the academy on phone no 0755-2445100 and protest the issue of non veges , so refused and said thae we are bound to provide the non veges to the trainers. i told that being the the followers of nonviolence we oppose this proposal. if you are providing the non veges so also provide them , to the trainers liquors, women/ girls. it is not wrong  for such institution.
thanking you
( dr arvind jain)
Indian vegetarian council Bhopal
email. ivcbhopal