it is very true that in our state MP means man pasand rajya. our beloved Cm IS the real fighter of the corruption is involved in the corruption. he does not want less corruption. he wants more corruptions in the state.  for example his closest friends like suryavanshi and sharma are associates with him. they are earning huge sums. now who will be behind the bars. we know the greed are endless and infinity. digvijay singh has done right now we want to know from ANNA ji  what is your reactions on this matter. they have looted the state. that is why the ruling and opposition do not want to pass the lokpal bill. because due to that bill our country will be corruption less but we want less corruptions. what a wonderful positions of the builders and his associates how they are fabricating the money. how they are violating the rules and regulations . without the upper hands involvement and the participation of the ministers and his associates no body can flourish like this, unimaginable earning and assets. they are the millions owners. now the role of the CM and his ministers are involved in these is a international news and the amount is equal to govt of mp budget.