PT Vishvanath  Dubey is a son of late PT Kunjilala Dubey, renowned freedom fighter, politicians,adminstrator, brahmin. pt kunjilal dubey was a man of principles and may be a pure vegetarian.his great son Vishwanath dubey is a king of polutary form. how they are father and son are in opposite poles.father was the crusader of the Hinduism where is the son is the killer of millions living creatures.his father was the noble professional and his the cruel  professional. father was east so he is west,
mind it dubey ji, as you sow, shall you reap. the curse of your profession will not give you peace. you will be like the hens,do you have imagine the pains of those animals/birds.i know you have earned money, but it is not the last goal of any ones life.wealth must be based on religion,you realize in own self that you are feeling happiness to killings the animals.
you well known about the disadvantages of eggs,eggs are harmful for the health. 100 gm eggs contains 14.6gms proteins  where as soya contains 43.00 more proteins . ground nuts, grams are also the best sources of proteins. if you have earned lot on the deaths of innocents so now stop immediate,if not so your fate will be like them.god bless you and save you. i am advising you  kindly think over the matter.
better you follow the beaten paths of your is immaterial and you will be remembered like HITLER, KILLER OF are committing crime, but you are killing innocents if you kill like any one so will be behind the may ask your brother justice SHRI K K DUBEY.
you are propagating the eggs, chickens etc. whole business is with blooded hands. being the rich man so you are respected by every one, if not you will be boycotted by the society, may be rich but in the sight of god you are CRIMINAL.