it is true that the state medical officers are facing many unforeseen problems. they are performing their duties in odd circumstances,no securities and no proper facilities and no basic infrastructures are there.
on other hand what they are getting salaries from the govt, are performing their duties accordingly. they are not regular duty attenders, in the city, they are not doing their duties , in PHC and  civil dispensaries they are not attending their duties weeks/ months to gathers. they have plenty time for their private practices but no time for the duties, every time  weeping for facilities. what govt is paying is hard to earn in private practices by many doctors.
we are hopeful to tender their resignation, and govt will accept then their situation will be miserable. they are over confident. only 20% doctors are dutiful duet private practice. if they will be away from the govt jobs they will be in crisis,their livelihood will be in peril