here is  a proverb that if you have a beautiful wife, bunglow and a car invites thr diseases of heart. heart is a very delicate and life long working part of the body. its funtions are multiple and its positions/condition/ situation varies time to time, in the beginning it works more . it is a ideal way to keep the heart protective and healthy so keep your  self tensionless. secondly if we are eating meats, eggs nonveges, alcohol, smoking, and fatty and oily eadible products so we will easily engulfefd by heart diseases and other related diseases like daibetes, allergies, kidney disaeses, cancer. these are the bonus or incentives of the heart diseases.

if we want to live more so reduce these habits and diets  and adopt veges, moderatelife styles, tensionless and enjoyable life.

after 40 years regular health check is needed. once you are a case of heart disaese so do not give up the treament or irregularity  in the treatment. whole life treatment with precautinary majors are needed. itis idealand dangerous disease.