if you are obediant to the physician and following do’s so no need of physicians and if you are not obediant to the physician and donot’do so no need of physician.

it is ideally accepted that early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy ,wealthy and wise. also if wealthis lost nothing is lost, if health is lost some is lost and if character is lost all thing is lost.now early to bed and early to rise . after wake up before sun rise , to paryer to gos and to be grateful to god that t day i will also do good deeds and social and family causes for the betterment.after evacutae the bowls, toothing brushing, morning walk or moderate exercises, after shaving and rest to take bath honestly, clean your inner parts also safely and respectfully. after bath must do recitation, prayers to the god, to devote your time according to your interest and capicity. interest is most essential.after that now you are free for reading newspaper with your tea and break fast.after that if you are businessman/servicemen/ labour what so ever do the work respectfully and honestly. devote your time in proper way.

routine must be regular.lunch and dinner timings must be regular. this will keep you away  from aciditic  diseases. after returing from  your duty  spare your time with family members and do recreation and take rest and sleep.

in our country3 seasons are there so make your habits according to the season and take seasonal veges and fruits. if your life style is simple and  dutiful so you will lead happy life. it will be useful for your self, with family and for society and nation.