becoming peace is a good article. the definition is described by writer no conflict is peace. i do agree with some extent. there are two seats of diseases mind and body . both are dependent and independent. and also reciprocally related to each other. some may says or can say that peace is a matter of mind and some says it is a matter of body. they are also right up to some extent.
there are 3 pursuits 1 pursuits of life 2 pursuits of wealth 3 pursuits of further world  and there are 4 PURUSHARTHA  1 DHARMA (RELIGION) 2 ARTHA (WEALTH) 3 KAAM (LUST) MOKSHA ( LIBERATION)  and also the expectation is the cause of sorrowfulness.peace is deep seated and is externally and internally.we are searching peace in outer world and  in other objects like  family, wealth, society, post, power. as increasing these things so you are away from the peace.
we wander whole universe and seen all items, pictures, material,  but they are like mirage and we are following them  but there is no rays of peace and pleasures seen / met/ felt. all are false  dreams, all expect ions are false,body life, youth, are all temporary. these things are like very futile.
peace is a self experienced . you can not purchase the peace in the markets. you can not seek the peace in money, family wealth.peace is the nature of soul. soul is the transformation  of the body.soul is immortal so enjoy with the do not follow the peace. if you stay on one place so the peace will  come in you.