Sunita  is you have explained the truthfulness of the sex.but at present the fore most problems are how to control the abuses of sex. sex education is not needful today. by the virtue of TV, COMPUTERS, INTER NATE AND PORNOGRAPHY  there are pre education of sex. now a days  age is not a criteria. 12 years girls are  the mother . at the age of 25 the boys are coming to seek the advises for erectile dysfunction diseases, impotency is increasing. in the age of 16 to 20 years girls and the boys are meeting daily with the strongest contacts and we can imagine that  how they are able to control themselves.still we are married and passed many many years and are unable to control so in the youth state god knows only/ now a days  abortion rate increased and surrogate mother’s role are adopting the girls for money. every day we are watching in rave party, bar hotels the boys and girls are usually found there.
one day we are  watching the TV  WITH FAMILY MEMBERS. my 5 years relatives son and daughter are also watching the TV. in a scene one actress acting the scene of morning sickness and vomiting so they collected said ‘YAH JALDI MUMMY BAN JAYEGI”. they are watching rape scene with interest. if we want to change so they oppose.
so today need of education of abuses of sex education in spite of sex education.due to this aspects crime rates are increasing, in our city like bhopal every day due to  love, sex, murders, suicides,killings and robbery, looting, snatching, robbery are happening more and more.
education of moral, ethics character building honesty  are out of dated. you are teaching them so you are  orthodox,  religious talks are curse for them. they are only interested to see/ talk about film actors  and their ideals are poonam pandey sunny etc, every day medias are pouring the sensations.