i agree with AAMIR KHAN. one thing is work is worship,in our ancient literature there  they have described 4 types of cast sections 1 brahman 2 vaishya 3 kshtriya 4 shudra. in previously there were 3 cast section 1 to 3 no shudras are there. but after the time passed the shudras are created .  in the book they have mentioned  त्रिवर्नोरपजीवनम कारुकुशीलवकर्म पुन्यपुत्वह्नम च शुद्रनाम that means their duties are to serve to the above 3 casts ,sculptures, singing the songs, dances and serve to the the society. सकृत परिन्यन्व्यव्हारह सचचुद्रहonce their daughters are married so called PRASHAST SHUDRA. the shudr are also two types 1 KAARU 2 AKAARU  DHOBI, CHAMAR ETC ARE KNOWN AS KAARU AND OTHERS ARE AKAARU. KARRU ARE TWO TYPES 1 TOUCHABLES AND 2 UNTOUCHABLES  SO chamaar and bhangi are known as untouchables and dhobi, naai are known as touchable s,
if the untouchables like  BHANGI, CHAMAR  ARE foolw the good conducts, that means do not drink liquor, and not eat non veges and follow the AHIMSA,SATYA, ACHOURYA, BRAHMACHARYA AND APRIGRAHA , keep their house neat and clean , their utensils and clothes  and purity in externally and internally  and devote their time in prayers  they will be known /called as brahman.
according to the philosophical points of view every soul is equal and there is cast, creed. but if we follow the good conduct so we can achieve the salvation.
i do agree that this a cures of the society and nation. cleanliness is next to godliness so we want to know that who will clean the society. the public places and the personal label there is the need of untouchables. their mechanism must be changed.
GOI. STATE GOVTS, LOCAL BODY GOVTS, AND IN PANCHAYAT LEVEL there must be such system should be developed so we can enjoy.civic sense is must. and if they are appointed so do the duty as a gift of gods. and follow. today the epidemics are spreading due to improper services of the.