killing of elephants  and any animals are the heinous crime. we are much more worried  on the killings of the animals. why we are killing them. for want of meat, leather, bones, and other elements. but we human are useless after death,, but animals are our good friends , and best for society. but we are killing them for our pleasures. it is a criminal  offense. how to save the animals. by laws, acts, rules and regulations are ineffective . it requires moral ethical values. we want to establish non violence, animal protection and vegetarianism. they are the need of the hour. if we will not aware so our future will be in dark and many species are vanishing and they will be known by our generation on pictures only. if they are accused so punished them according to law. we are much worried how they are killing the innocent animals  with cruelty. we want to establish  peace in person, society, national and international label.our judiciary is very poor and lengthy. for the natural justice accused get more opportunity to save him self.