today we are known as more civilized and known as 21 century being. as we are becoming civilized our activities are uncivilized and inhumane. how much greedy persons are. greediness is not bad but not on the cast of others lives. every where and every walk of life we are turning ourselves the cruelity is known as humanity. we are fighting for the stomach and the innocent animals are fighting for existence,is there any limit? for the sake of money, investigations, pleasure and entertainment we are killing the innocents, why? we are so weak and timid so we are showing our power on innocents  , they are diminishing, toward ending and now many many species are disappeared. it is not a alarming sign. whohas given power to kill them. it is a heinous crime and should be treated as a criminals and must be behind the bars. but there are clandestine nexus there. local state and central authorities with the support of police, vete, doctors, businessmen, suppliers, and the users are all known as accused. we people those are interested to save them are alike poor. it is an alarming sign. when it will be stopped. to follow the paths of nonviolence, vegetarianism, animal protection and keep sympathies with them like our family members as wife, children, mother, father, sisters and brothers,god will bless to all those are serving for them and god will punish them those are killing them positively.