MY HUMBLE ADVISE TO MR MOFAR , kindly resign from the assembly and shift your self in those areas where you like to live, bloody being a M LA you have right to kill the dogs , we have power to resign and act your duties like the dog in the house. you are also a dog of your own house, you are keeping your wife and family members like dog.dogs are the citizen of the nation. to respect them. if not so you will be know as big dog. if dogs are not in our society so the other animals will be free. like you are a small dog, your party chieftain is like a bull dog she will kill you or eat you. try to solve the problem. it is not the major issue, local body govt, state govt and other organization will solve the issue. after the age of 60 you will be treated as a dog in your own house,after your retirement you will sit in front of your own house like dog and will watch own house with your neighbors.mofar ji kindly keep sympathetically attitudesĀ  toward all animals and man kind,you are a responsible and respectable person of the society. NAGALAND, ASSAM AND CHINA ARE FIT FOR YOU TO KEEP YOUR SELF IN SAFETY AND HEALTH POINTS OF VIEW.