for girls /females/ young woman the prostitution is the easiest  way to earn money early and fulfill their desires/wants/ likings.not only in any city, every where you can find/ heard/ and get.there areno roles of character, moral dignity, respect. the almighty money, for that what people does. SAB KUCHHA HAMARE DESH ME ,ROTI NAHIN TO KYA , WADA LAPET LO LANGOTI NAHIN TO KYA. and on other side they are for entertainment, luxury adopting all low cadre means.on other side EK LADKI APNE KOTHE PER  BAITHEE THEE, MUJHE KHYAL AATA HAIN KITNI TAKAT HOTI HAIN EK ROTI ME. it the reality one side struggle for stomach and other side struggle for existence and luxury.