MR Robert i have great pleasure that you have asked  the differences between veges and non veges. NOW I START THE SONG OF COMPASSION== those whose lives are sinful and impure are not remembered for long in the world.look at the history of nations, which were greedy ,selfish and vicious. they , have been effaced by time and no one cares to remember them.the memory of benevolent , good ,selfless,and pious is ever enshrined in the heart of all. all loving remember Christ,NANAK, BUDHDHA,RAMA, MAHAVEER and the like for their sacred contributions to the world. the satisfaction and solace obtained by pious and merciful life are far superior to the pleasures of a self -seeker selfish glutton . virtue is its own reward. our world is weary of violence. the song of love and compassion is is much sweeter than Apollo’s lute.
let dogs delight to the bark and bite,
for God hath made them so,
let bears and loins growl and fight,
for “t”es their nature too,
but children , you should never let,
such angry passions rise.
those who take beef at least should for a moment pause and think that out of gratitude they should have shuddered from killing or getting the animal slaughtered, whose milk was enjoyed by them all their life. Shakespeare is AS YOU LIKE IT , sarcastically remarks == blow blow, thou winter wind,
thou art not so unkind
as man’s  ingratitude;
thy tooth is not so keen,
because thou art are not seen,
although thy breath be rude.
so in this way violence is not permitted any where.