our planet has five elements -EARTH, WATER, FIRE, SPACE AND AIR. in the past we respect them , honor them and know the values of these elements. as writer has given the population rate increased. our wants are endless, infinity, indefinite  and the elements have own limitations. by means of these we are getting energies.that may be converted in to constructive,destructive and restorative. like wise our body is composed of three doshas VATA, PITTA, KAPHA. VATA IS DUE TO EARTH AND SPACE, PITTA DUE TO FIRE AGNI REPRESENTING SUN AND KAPHA IS DUE TO WATER AND AIR. if i am saying these words it will be wrong . the proper words are PRATHVI, JAL, AGNI, VAYU, AKASHA. all elements have their own values, earth  water vayu,agni  and akasha are mainly regulated by the sun. due to increasing the populations we demand and supply are imbalanced. due to the imbalances of three doshas we become diseased  and in balanced state we will be healthy. there are many causes of diseases or illness but three most prominent or majors. if we do the uses of any things in three forms 1 HEEN (LESS) 2ATI (EXCESS) 3 MITHYA (FALSE/PSEUDO)  there is a specific causes of diseases and treatment  ROGASAYS DHOSH VAISHYAM, DOSH SAMYAM AROGATA,रोगास्तु दोष वैश्यम, दोष साम्यं आरोग्यता .it says that if our elements are in hyper or hypo state are  the causes of disease and to make equanimity is the  treatment
it is   also applicable in present  state.we are misusing the earth, air, fire, space and ether. due to increasing the populations, industrialization  we are excessive using these elements and their other forms. now the question before us we have destroyed  the nature in excesses and we have destroyed more valuable natural herbs/ plant/ minerals and digging the earth for want of water, constructions of buildings, vehicles use increased. there is no rest/ peace on earth.every moment we are crushing the earth in brutely manners.the nature of earth is tolerance and forgiveness.
like wise the rivers , well, pond tanks, lakes are the  real and natural sources of water.due to excesses use of water mainly for agriculture we have dug the earth and the level  is going downwards.pollution of rivers and the no existences of ponds, lakes, well, even rivers. we are using more pesticides so the nature of water changed and hundreds chemicals are in the water are the cause of many incurable diseases.
like wise ether or air or vayu, it has lost its naturalism. excessive emission of CO2, SO2 AND OTHER gaseous,polluted gases are we are inhaling every moment due to industrialization vehicles, and in our own house hold activities are also  the causes of air pollutions.
like wise space and fire are also misused in excessive manners.
now it is a matter of considerations and re-considerations where  will the end or fate of the nature. we are not respecting so they are also taking revenges like earthquakes, flooded in rivers, accidents on air, water, on earth, fire accidents are occurring more and more. heat is not unbearable . seasons, atmospheric cycles are changing. no rains, no cold and excessive summer,misuses of electricity and water , pesticides in vegetables, grains , water poisonous gases are in air.air accidents are also occurring. we are inventing new things on the cast of natural . it is the alarming signs of humanity. only religions characters and respect to all elements are the proper treatment may be.