Sorry, but please address me as Vivienne. I addressed you by your second name because in India I understand that you put the father’s name first, as in J.Krishnamurti.
I am familiar with the theory of reincarnation, but it may or may not be true. I am not confused, just enquiring into truth. I am inclined to think we have had many births, that all that is in our brain is thousands of years old, but I do not see reincarnation as necessarily desirable. It implies attachment to the things of this world and hence maybe getting stuck here in fragmentation. What Krishnamurti referred to in his conversation with Sidney Fields, as the stream of life. Or the wheel, if you take the Buddhist symbol.
And what do you mean by soul? jivi or atma? The jivi as I understand it is the ego. The atma is one’s essence. But you see, as Krishnaji said, thought has made a division between the two. The observer is the observed, there is no difference. You are what you see and understand. We are our impressions and our moods, and until the self becomes fully awake, we will continue to founder. Is that what you call “salvation”? I thought that was a Christian word. And who and what is saved? Or is it that insight into Reality frees us from birth and death?
Posted by Vivienne Roberts