happy to read your article on health and Ayurveda, AYURVEDA means science of life. LIFE is composed of body , mind, soul and fives senses, health is a state in which a person feels physical, mental, social, economically and spiritually well being ness, but ayurveda has given the definition of SWASTHYA– SAMAH DOSHAS SAAMGNI  SAM DHATU MALAH KRIYAH, PRASSNNA ATAMENDRIYA MANAH ,SWASTHYA ITIYABHIYTE. this is very penetrating definition. these three dosha vata, pitta, kapha must be in equanimity/equality, fire/agni/ digestive juices are 4 types and 13 types must be  in equally,there are 7 dhatus 1 ras 2 rakta, 3 maans  4 meda 5 asthi 6 majja 7 shukra and there are 18 types malas / excretory of the body must be in normal course . theses are physiological functions along with whose soul thoughts are happy and enjoyable will known as the healthy / swawthya. our body is made of doshas, dhatu, malas and soul.
our body and cosmos is made of panch maha bhoots, 1 prathvi (earth)2 jal(water) 3 vaayu,( ether) 4 agni (fire) 5 aakasha (space)all elements are made by 5 mahabhoots . as he is describedsix rasas 1MADHUR  2 AML 3 LAVAN 4 KATU  5 TIKTA  6 KASHAYA these are made by panch mahabhoot . one or two or three mahabhoots may be more or less in one herbs/ vegetables/ spices/ medicines.
really ayurvead medicinal science is more  interesting and is related by our daily life and it is regulated by our day, night, seasons, ages, are all related with the doshas,dhatus, and malas.
diets effect on our health, mind, body and on our natures. that is why non veges, eggs, meat, chickens eggs, liquors are not permitted in our diets.
our bhojans are three types SATTWIK 2 TAMASIK 3 RAJSIK. number 2, 3 are not useful for our health no 1 sattwik is useful and beneficial for our health.
mr deepak chopra has illustrated beautifully about the health  and ayurveda. ayurveda is not only the science of health it is the philosophy of life by which how you can lead your life beautifully and artistically.it is the treasure of knowledge and how beautifully you live  in this cosmos . EVERY THING OF THE COSMOS IS THE MEDICINE NOTHING ELSE. so in this way we can protect and prevent our culture. we should not follow the western culture. one more thing is described that THE HERBS THOSE GROW IN OUR LAND IS ONLY USEFUL AND BENEFICIAL FOR THEIR MAN KIND. we are spreading abroad is most failure. medicines are less effective but philosophies are par ex excellence.