health and non violence both are correlated and reciprocally dependent and independent. health is based on non violence, in fact the non appearance of attachment  and other passions is non-violence (ahimsa) and their appearance in violence (himsa).
these days people argue about meat -eating on he ground that vegetable has life like cow, sheep etc; therefore if he advocates of non violence do not see any harm in eating the vegetables, in the like manner eatig of meat of adog or a hog cannot be objected , diet   does not come in the way of non violence,
it is to be noted that the above argument is fallacious. man should use his finer sense to decide his course of conduct e.g. mother is a woman. wife is also a woman. womanhood is common to both; but civilized people and even barbarians in their behavior observe the difference between and wife. similarly vegetables should not be treated on par with meat. like wise health is totally depends on our life style.