it is true that to introspection is very difficult. to analyze own self is a herculean task. now we can understand that like in MALL we are  under the control of CCTV.. IN that  place you have to be honest .if not there are 100% chances to be caught by CCTV and will punish or to be insulted or may be treated as a accused,we are worried by the small CCTV, but we are not worried by the Almighty god. who is observing and watching our deeds/ actions/ works. there are three sources of actions MAN (MIND) VACHAN(WORDS) KAYA /KARMA (ACTION). SO what we are doing through these platforms. you can not hide your self through these CCTVS. we cannot spare or exempted by these three modes. what we thinks, saying and working they must be uniform so you can get success up to some extent. but we think different, saying different and actions are totally against we can cheat to other in very simple way but you can not hide your selves by own. my soul is full of grief, sins , faults and also good, pleasant and you analyze yourself. you can not be the judge of own self. it is right and may be wrong. but up to some extent we are the judge and we are the accused.we know our truth ness and false ness.
self realization and self knowledge is the tool of success up to some extent but we must be accustomed  with holy books. according to me the holy books are like the X’ray reports of our mind, body and actions ad on the basis of the reports we can identify the diseases and start treatment and cure own self.goodness gives good be honest in own self. it does not require any certificate/ proofs from others.every religions are preaching us moral ethics and how you can be honest , honorable, respectable and lovable to own self and for all ,