OUR cosmos is made by5 elements or PANCH MAHA BHOOTS prathvi(earth) jal (water),agni (fire), vaayu(ether), aakash( space) they must be used in proper way but there are 3 types of causes of diseases.HEEN (LOW), ATI (HIGH) , MITTHYA(PSEUDO) we have used water in excessive and false way. it means that we have misused water in excessive ways. water is the biggest sources of many diseases and less water available and that is polluted  more.AAMIR has raised many issues and there are no solutions. we have created the issue and and remedies are not available, it requires all around support but the industrialists and local bodies are not performing their duties and people are also no using in proper way . agriculturists and tube well diggings are also the major issues.we are suffering more by water borne diseases and treatments are highly expensive and deaths are more.