although KAILSH Vijayvargiya MINISTER of Man pasand sarkar, is a very very honest and dedicated to the sarkar, previously he was a man of crore and he is a man of millions. he never touches money with own hands . he has not seen the money what are deposited in the banks, or in the home. he has not seen his whole properties where they are situated and he even does not know that they are his or his friends, colleagues and family members.he is very innocent.he is not known about his projects are going on. he does not know where his industries are there. he is very innocent and poorest person of the sarkar. he is very faithful to the CM. and in other words they are two by body and are one soul.previously CM was dependent on him because CM was involved in central politics but now both are dependent and independent . kailash is honest and faithful. due to his efforts kumbha of Ujjain was celebrated with pleasures. DUE to his honesty his company was blessed by him for the construction of roads and buildings. his qualities are par excellence . we are happy that such honest ministers are needed  in our state. we are developed more and our ministers are set free from their poverty and now known as golden man.although SUDHIR AND DILIP are not only his good friends but they are and he is the best managers of each others. they are the managers of each one. they are also very innocents in all respect. all currency, documents are prepared by CBI AND I T . they are still naked faquirs those are distributing their clothes to the naked. enjoy it is the time of auspicious occasion to earn more and more. nothing is wrong.