MAN PASAND SARKAR( GOVT OF MP) has decided the good decision to invite the special session of assembly.for whom those had charged against the CM and speaker. first they dismissed their memberships on the basis of the floor of the house. the decision was praise worthy and  and it indicated that in discipline is not permitted in the house. it is also a very surprising that both MLA’s have targeted the CM AND SPEAKER their allegations were true on the basis of the documents but after with in a week the mercy appeal was done by both against the party line and without taking the confidence of the state chief and leader of the opposition and even the party platform and they approached to the H C AD before any decision the the special session is called by the govt with the consent of GOVERNOR.i hope the matter will solved and in future no body will raise questions regarding CM, MINISTERS AND SPEAKER . in also indicates that in the state no oppositions and no dissatisfaction to any  body. all are passing their stools by the same anus. the session of assembly is only formality. no problems, no irregularities, no law and order issue . we are living in SHIVRAJ REGIMESLIKE RAM RAJYA. all is well. every every is pleased and enjoying. no problem and all are earning more and more. poverty is diminished and poor are more poor. ministers , officials, builders and corporatist are the state LAW AND ORDER IS MAINTAINED. no  corruption in the state, every function is conducting by the government  smoothly and  with corruption. nothing is impossible in the state. what do you want. they have power to solve the issues on the basis of LAW AND ORDER. every body is enjoying. CM is not worried for problems because in SHIVAS RAJ NO ISSUE.