PEACE/ SERENITY/ TRANQUILITY are the words. peace is the subject of mind/ brain but we searching externally in  worldly things. there are unaccountable causes of peace and sorrow. but it is only related with thoughts. peace is a very transitory and it varies in fraction of second. it is not immortal or permanent. it is a state of mind. body, thoughts. its definition changes  time to time, state to state, and person to person. peace can be acquired by knowledge, information, study and in the end in practice. after practice we will be accustomed . peace can not be purchased. it is situated in our requires introspection. it requires that the physical/ worldly/ externally  things are not the peace givers , they are also the causes of pains, disturbing items and attachments are the causes of unrest.
 we should also practice in this way  that we can live survive without other objects. because we are accustomed  to live with the articles. if we will realize that if this thing will not with us , nothing to worry. so peace will be there . if we will think how i can live without that the unrest pain will start. in true sense we are worried for what we have not, we are not happy what is with us. secondly if we have not that thing so it creates unrest. when we get/ obtain/ received so it becomes  valueless , or we not respond more. so try to live without the object. a time will come when we will go / die so all belonging s will be here, and even our body  will not with us. what we earned good deeds , they will go or pass on.