really is a very shocking news. the data s indicate the causes. causes of road accidents are very common. one high speed and secondly intoxication’s. apart from that in crossing people rashly crossed the roads  ignoring the red-light single,and wrong side entries. secondly heavy vehicles, school buses, transport buses, trucks are also the major causes of accidental deaths.
i do agree with the experts that he qualification of the driving licenses must be followed. people are getting the licenses  through the  agents on the basis of corruptions, some are imprisoned and obtained the licenses. it should be considered.
previously i have also written about the road  accidents, high speed ed bikes, cars are there. young generations are driving fearlessly. after the accident they remain in the hospitals like kings and their parents, relatives, friends suffer more and disability occurred so that pain remains life long and if died so death gives unbearable pains to their families and  and he remains set free from all tensions. some youths are died. they are the single livelihood of their families, if they are married so they left their families with full of pains.
 it is amazing that after watching every day such causalities  and not learning lessons and want to suffer. accidental death losses are more costlier and painful. after 65 years of Independence and medias  are playing vital roles for awakening after that these deaths are  happening are bad and must be stopped and safe driving is must. it is the civilian duties and part of conduct. death is certain but knowing accept is wrong.