really dr sen you have described about the diabetes, really it is a silent and most effective diseases from from to toes. it is a self  invited disease. mostly at present due to economical and sedentary life style the rate is increased and side by side we are taking chemical based meals and drinks.  simultaneously strain, stress, worries, grief, anger, anxiety, fear, depression are associated with the causes, we are in economical race, sedentary occupation.sleeping for long time, lack of exercise, indulging in extra luxuries, laziness , environmental  toxins, autoimmune disorders are the prime causes .although it is increasing but the treatment is not more costlier if we can improve our life style, it does not require money only time with positivity.morning walk, light exercise, yoga, meditation take low fat diet with barley, wheat fruits and leaf, some herbs are useful, Methi,Bimbi, Gudmar, Jambu, guduchi triphala . if we avoid some things in our diet as ALCOHOL, milk, oil, ghee, syrups sugar cane juice.meat of animals which are living in water,day sleep, suppression of urine, excessive diet . in modern medical science medicines are most advanced and effective there but if we adopt proper life style we can control the disease.