Daan  is a meaningful word. it is has many many meanings  like charity, donation,  a religious gifts.
दान चार प्रकार , चार संघ को दीजिये ,धन बिजुली उनहार , नर- भव लाहो दीजिये
 .उत्तम त्याग  कह्यो जग सारा , औषध शास्त्र अभय आहार  ,
निह्चे राग द्वेष निर्वारे,ज्ञाता दोनों दान संभारे .as per above mentioned there are 4 types of donations are  medicines, education, grant of lack of fear,a promise of pledge , to provide meals to poor or any one.we are providing support, shelter, help in the form /kind. really they have given donations, charity  for the welfare of the society.
in our culture there were several examples of charity. we know that charity is provided involuntarily.previously rich men used to donate the wealth for constructions of temples. dharamshala, schools, bhojanaya , hospitals  and some have given their wealth of  the nation.like BHAMA SHAH devoted whole wealth to Maharana Pratap for the welfare of nation. it we will not donate the wealth so humanity will be perished.we know that donation is a religion. several poets described the beauty of such acts. it is very meaning ful.
दीनजनों  को प्रेम से, देना ही है दान ,
अन्य तरह का दान तो , है उधर ही दान.
विजयों में बस आत्मजय , सबसे अधिक महान,
क्षुधा शमन तो अन्य का, उससे भी जयमान
जो करता है बाँटकर , भोजन का उपयोग .
कभी न व्यापे भूख का , उसे भयंकर रोग poet has beautifully described the nature and benefits of the daan. he said that charity should be done pleasantly and to be given those are really poor and are needful. other wise it is like a debt. a person who conquered himself/ own self is praiseworthy but to serve the meal to the hungry is most praiseworthy. on wards he says who serves the meal to poor never engulfed by the hungriness diseases.
दीनजनों को दान दे, करो कीर्तिविस्तार,
कारन उज्जवल कीर्ति सम , अन्य न कुछ भी सार ,
 जो दयालु करते सदा , दीनजनों को दान,
सदा प्रशंसक -कंठ में , उनका नाम महान,
जो पदार्थ एस विश्व में, निशिचत उनका नाश ,
अतुल कीर्ति ही एक हैं , जिसका नहीं विनाश, poet described about the advantages of the the charity.that those do the charity to the poor they are widely famous and applause.the poor or receivers always proudly remembered them . every thing is moral but the their remembrances are  immortal like BHAMASHAH. SO we should participate in this religious task in own life according to our limit and must to considered those who are really needy. both are reciprocally dependent and are obliged by each one.