it is clear the THE MPs of RS AND LS are entitle  to form the law. they are elected and selected members.we also know that mostly do not want to pass the jan lokpal bill. ANNA and his team pursued the matter but they  are unsuccessful, not fail.he has shown the nakedness of the government and politicians. now at present the awakening is there. we know politicians do not want  neat and clean government and nation. they like corruptions and mis managements so they are able to eat more and more money.
  i am unable to understand that after earning the huge sums with illegal sources who will carry the all possessions after his death. every thing must be in limit, if we will not be in limit so it creates  unrest and diseases. and they are accused so have to suffer own self. no body is able to share his faults. there are hundreds and thousandth examples are there like ALEXANDER, BALMIKI. AMABANI and even own. but he will be known as corrupt no will remember him and if he is honest so we will respected by all and and all time.government is adament for corruptions.all politicians, officials are earning more and more in unlimited manner.
i know that the issue is like a incurable disease. the death is the only treament. our country is vast so there is no unity,but if thisprocess of corruption will not controlled revolution will be there so after some times . GOI is if worried so well and good if not the next election will be trouble some for them.