after reading all opinions, i want to say the yoga is related with the health. health is a state   a person who feels mentally, physically, socially ,economically spirituality  well being ness. health is not related to any cast, creed, religion, nation. whole diseases are occur in the  body. body is divided in to two parts  body/physically and mentally. both are reciprocally dependent and independent.every one want to be fit and healthy. yoga is originally  inspired by  nature, birds, animals. after taking attention towards them so many many had written on their ways. it is not related to any religion. human services are above the religion and cast. AYURVEDA  is a science of is the combination of body, soul,, mind and 5 all health related matters are in the body, mind, and 5 yoga is a treatment and prevention  of mind and body . if we will healthy so we will understand the soul. so according to me there is no matter of dispute.
mind it every body is doing meditation. shop man, driver, pilots are doing meditation. there are several types of meditations. some are good and some are bad.
life is a full of complex. so mind must be calmed through meditations, learning, knowledge.