thoroughly study of literature on comparative religion with a scientific  and impartial attitude will lead to the conclusion that religion is not a bundle of irrational dogmas and unreasonable rituals but it is the exact science like is based on eternal  truths. it does  not feel shy critical is systematic. it has the magic power to ward off all our worries immediately and establish lasting peace in our hearts. it provides peace, prosperity and happiness to the entire elevates the soul and sweetens the life . mythological , unscientific , superstitious faiths provide materials for fanaticism, which kills genuine and beneficial religion  and makes life  more   miserable. in fact the religion of the fanatic is like a devil, who has cunningly put on the robe of lovely looking.
according to ROMAIN ROLLAND “the rishis , who discovered the law of nonviolence in the midst of violence were greater geniuses than NEWTON , greater warriors than Wellington,Nonviolence is the law of our species as violence is the law of the brute” no where violence is  permitted and specially  in food, nature it requires peace.peace is seated in our mind and soul. if we will be soul less than cruelty will arise. so when you analyze  criminal natures,mostly you will find they are non vegetarians, addicted by wines, drugs and lust. they are the major causes of crimes.
first we should be cautious about our diets, the nature of diet leads person to serenity or in criminality.