article is praiseworthy. i do admire the writer’s views. he narrated beautifully the use of herbs in the treatment. really AYURVEDA  means ayur+veda= ayurveda . AYU means life is the combination of  body, soul, mind and 5 senses. veda means VIGYAN  MEANS science so Ayurveda is a science of life. life deals all branches of medical sciences.Ayurveda is not only a science of herbs but it is the philosophy of life. body means body with mind. so Ayurveda is a  preventive first and curative is the second parts.
 the creation of living beings mainly consists of the theory of Panchmahabhutas (five eternal substances), tridoshas (three humors) and sapta dhatus(seven basic tissues) all living beings are created by the combination of five basic elements and soul. the space, air, fire, water and earth. and also after intake of food/ meals drugs these convert into MALAS they are 18 types these are also useful for maintaining the body . so body is made of dosha, dhatus and malas with mind.
according to Ayurveda every thing of the cosmos is a not only herbs but all things like clothes, words articles are the medicines.  still in the advancement of modern science some or many things are unseen but their existences are there. we can not treat the herbs on chemistry points of views. because the the science has its limitations but the some things are for realization.  i also agree with the writer that it is more difficult with synthetic  drugs or extracted concentrates.some times the whole plant is necessary for  for treatments but extracts play little in short herbs are the back bone of the treatment and their preservation are more important.