Enlightened person is recognized by his  positive mental state,  words, and by his deeds/actions. like wise in the circle  he is like a nucleus, so  he is surrounded by 360 degree. he is observed by all angles. and he remains in equaminoty   but observers are observing him. ANIL MADAN has  OBSERVED very keenly and penetrating . i want to share some views on one character OF EP.
Charity  is the best quality of EP.
बदले की आशा बिना,संत करें उपकार ,
बादल का बदला भला , क्या देता संसार,.(१) AN EP who does charity never expects its return.like wise we can not obliged the clouds  for rains.
बहुयत्नों से आर्य जो, करते अर्जित अर्थ ,
वह सब होता अंत में , परहित के ही अर्थ.(२)AN EP earn money with honest and efforts and he dedicated his wealth for charity.

हार्दिकता से पूर्ण जो, होता हैं उपकार ,
भू में या स्वर्ग में, उस सम वस्तु न सार(३)AN EP cordially does charity he is admired on earth or heaven.
योग्यायोग्य विचार ही, नर का जीवित रूप ,
होता हैं विपरीत पर , मृतकों सा विद्रूप .(४)AN EP thinks what is good and what is bad.and one who does not know the righteous path is equal to dead one.
पूर्ण लबालब जो भरा ,ग्राम -सरोवर पास ,
उस सम शोभा भव्य की , जिसमे प्रेम निवास (५)AN EP loves to  all, nature so he is full of water in the pond beside the village, which is useful to all villagers  and gives contentment.
उस तरु के ही तुल्य हैं , उत्तम नर की द्रव्य ,
औषधि जिसके अंग हैं ,सदा हरा वह भव्य (६)AN EP who is charitable  and utilizing his wealth as a medicine is useful to all whether poor or rich.
दुखः स्थ्ति मैं भी सुधी,रखता योग्य विचार
पर, वत्सल तजता नहीं , करना पर -उपकार.(७)AN EPwho is well known about good or bad and he is in crisis also, he never forgets the generosity.
उपकारी निजको तभी , मानें धन से हीन
याचक जब ही लौटते , होकर आशाहीन (८)AN EP becomes helpless when he is unable to help to the needy one who returns empty hands from the EP,
होवें यद्यपि नाश ही ,पर उत्तम उपकार ,
बिककर बन परतंत्र तू,फिर भी कर उपकार.an EP  sells himself and accept slavery but he never forgets the charity /generosity.
so like all best qualities he keeps for own self and for  others. he is interested for the welfare of the people and up lift ment of own .BHAMASHAH, KARAN, HARISHCHANDRA AND SO ON are remembered by all today.