it is a good  topic. every one is  suffering by this disease. for every function there are 3 modes MAN(MIND), VACHAN(WORDS) AND KARM/KAYA(ACTION). THERE ARE TWO SIMPLE WORDS HEE (HAVE TO/MUST) AND BHEE (ALSO), DISEASE IS THE IMBALANCES  OF VAT, PITTA AND KAPHA ARE PHYSICAL and SATWA, RAJ AND TAM are mentally. the MOHA  means illusion,ignorance,affection is the king and RAG(attachment) AND DWESH(AVERSION) ARE THEIR SENAPATI. every moment  we are doing rag or dwesh  is a disease state and  SAMTWA BHAV (equanimity)  is a health state and also treatment.
there is a conflict management== 1 i am o k ,you are not o k 2 i am not o k , you are o k, 3 i am not o k, you are not o k 4 i am o k,you are o k.  the 4 state / stage is the ideal state,
like wise the word HEE IS A CAUSE OF CONFLICT AND BHEE IS THE CAUSE OF SERENITY. it means to respect the opinions of others. at present mostly we used to the word have to hee and conflict arises.
every action starts from mind and then use word and applied for is only process of any deed or misdeed.
so in nutshell i can say that conflict never wants two , I is the origin of conflict. I means ego. ego is the main. cause of disputes, conflicts. so I MUST BE REMOVE FROM MIND, WORD AND ACTION WILL BE UNDISPUTED