there are many causes of sorrow, pains, and grief. we are in search of peace. but we do not follow the righteous path of peace. peace is situated in our IN. there are two seats of diseases body and mind. both are reciprocally dependent and due to moha (ATTACHMENT)  we are doing affection and aversion. these worldly desires are endless and unlimited. why corporate offices make their firms limited. limitation is the best way of life.if car has no break, uncontrolled will lead to accidents. like wise we must keep our wants in limited. if we will live in limit so we will be in happy state and tension less.the worldly/physical races are endless. so we must have satisfaction. expectation is the cause of sorrowfulness. no body is able to fulfill his expectation fully. so the satisfaction is the best medicine and treatment of we will get some thing due to past deeds. our efforts must be honest and dutiful.  UTTAM SANYAM (PERFECT RESTRAINT) is one where by the life becomes independent and self the initial stages,Sanyam appears to be like a bondage but later on it becomes free from all bondings ;it gives support in our emancipation ,then we understand that this bonding was a bond for becoming free from bonding.