IN every time and in every generation philosophers, writers, social workers, religious persons, politicians were suppressed by the rulers. in true sense they are known as the exposures of the weakness of the ruler. after their deaths,during their lives they are worshiped and honored by the public and by the administrators. if we go through the history, today we are reciting the memories and achievements previously they were not properly behaved. these formulas were also applied to the scientists,MR MO YAN is such an example of the present era. he had written the naked truth of the society,individual sufferings and political unrest of the country in the symbolized manners. he has not blame to any ne. he exposed the reality, sufferings, and atrocities of the then politicians.he had expressed his views and like a torch he has shown the darker side of the reality, where administrators are unaware. he has not oppose the things but narrated them,peple/ public/ citizens/ nationals understand and the people realized so he is known as the critics, opposites. but he is the exposure of truthfulness. he work is appreciated by the the universe and accepted by all. congratulations to him.