it is  a common disease. it is  not curable.every day it will happen. you can not change the police, males, courts, culprits and females. it is a common process. who is accused, who is victim, who is sufferer and who will punish them. it is not a preventable diseases. it will happen and is a continuous  process. these are the sins. it is a incurable disease. there are numerous factors responsible. individual, family. social factors are responsible. police, courts and culprits are unchangeable.they remain same as they were and will be there.who is responsible. we are responsible. we have lost noble values, religious values. we are now following seniors advise. if we say some things to youth so they ignore and such incidences happen so we suffer. sufferer becomes royal. he or she is on the bed in the hospital.we are anlyzing the stories and agitators are agitating but they are not following the instructions and not learning the lessons.these are common practices of the society and after some times we forget the story.these sins are controlled by 5 ways. to follow the noble tasks.this is the present story, future is ready for other story.